Welcome Dr Don Markwell, Head of St Mark’s College

Welcome Head of St Mark's College, Dr Don Markwell

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Dr Don Markwell as the new Head of St Mark’s College, Adelaide.

An internationally recognised educational leader, Dr Markwell has a strong commitment to collegiate education, and we are delighted that he will lead St Mark’s College in the next stage of its growth. Dr Markwell was previously the Warden of St Paul’s College at the University of Sydney and, amongst other roles of educational and public policy leadership in Australia and Britain, has also served as the global head of the Rhodes Scholarships as Warden of Rhodes House, Oxford.

Having devoted over 30 years of his life to university education, Dr Markwell is passionate about the benefits to students of an all-round collegiate education.

Speaking at a reception for students, staff, and the College Board to welcome him as the new Head of St Mark’s College, Dr Markwell said that “the College exists, as a residential academic community, to be the best environment we can be in which to be a university student”.

“We aim to offer every student the best all-round educational experience we can – including academic, more broadly intellectual, sporting, cultural, social, spiritual, community service and other dimensions.

This includes being a community of fun and of friendships, which promotes the growth and the wellbeing of every student, and which is a community based on respect, inclusion, and safety for all.”

Dr Markwell said that he looked forward to getting to know all members of the College, and to working with the students, staff, Board, alumni and friends of St Mark’s College to advance the broadening and life-changing collegiate educational experience that St Mark’s College offers.

For further information about Dr Markwell’s background and experience please click here.

The staff and students of St Mark’s College are committed to upholding a respectful, inclusive and safe residential academic community.  For further information about the St Mark’s College Vision and Values click here.


St Mark’s College Announces 2020 Student Leaders

St Mark's College

St Mark’s College is excited to announce the 2020 student leader teams. Students are the life of the College and take personal responsibility for establishing a healthy, respectful, inclusive and welcoming culture.  This is fostered through a strong focus on student governance and accountability, which provides strong peer support throughout the College community.

St Mark’s College student leaders also get a head start in their career and personal life by taking on leadership responsibilities and accountability.  It provides invaluable preparation for the workforce, teaching them to develop resilience and an understanding of themselves, their strengths and areas for development.

There are a range of student leadership positions available at St Mark’s College, including both staff-appointed and student-elected roles.

Congratulations to the following student leaders, we look forward to your contributions in 2020.

2020 College Club Committee
Elected by their fellow students, the College Club Committee are responsible for organising social, sporting, community, charitable, arts and cultural events throughout the year. The development of their organisation and communication skills, along with significant event management experience, are highly transferable beyond College life.  The College Club Executive Team consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

St Mark's College
Top Left: Kaidy Morgan, Geogie Kotz, Daniel Robson, Corey Finlay, Alice McKenzie and Yemaya Coleman-Smith.
Bottom Left: Max Politis, Carmen Joubert, Isaac Montefiore, Nick Marzohl, Riley Glynn, Taylor Glover and Matt Mouvet.
Position Name Home TownCourse
PresidentNicholas MarzohlAlice Springs, NTUA:  Bachelor of Psychology
Vice President Riley GlynnMt Gambier, SAUSA: Bachelor of Psychological Science
TreasurerIsaac MontefioreAlice Springs, NTUSA: Bachelor of Construction Management and Economics
SecretaryCarmen JoubertJamestown, SAEC:  Bachelor of Health Sciences (Nutritional & Dietetic Medicine)

Sports Officers


Taylor GloverYeelanna, SAUA: Bachelor of Criminology
Daniel RobsonAlice Springs, NTUA: Bachelor of Economics/Bachelor of Finance

Equity Officers


Kaidy MorganCoulta, SAUA: Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences
Max PolitisDarwin, NTUA: Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery
MerchandiseAlice McKenziePort Pirie South, SAFL: Bachelor of Science (Animal Behaviour) (Hons)
Sponsorship and Charitable Corey FinlayOrroroo, SAUSA: Bachelor of Business (Sport and Recreation Management)

Social Officers 


Georgie KotzPoint Cook, VICUA: Bachelor of Arts
Matt MouvetMildura, VICFL: Bachelor of Education
Arts and Cultural Yemaya Coleman-SmithPort Lincoln, SAUA: Bachelor of Music

Dean’s Leadership Team (DLT)
Assistant Dean
The role of the Assistant Dean is to assist students in various ways when needed, to encourage behaviour in line with the College’s behavioural expectations and to liaise between the College staff and students. A senior leader within the College, the Assistant Dean also supports the Dean in managing the DLT.

PositionNamesHome TownCourseYear in Course in 2020
Assistant DeansChad LennonAlice Springs, NTUA: Bachelor of Health and Medical Sciences4th year
Bronte PhillipsLoxton, SAFL: Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics4th year

Senior Residential Advisor
The Senior Residential Advisor is responsible for leading the Residential Advisor team to create a safe, respectful and enjoyable College experience for the students on their floor/building. They encourage and role model responsible and respectful behaviour and liaise between the College staff and students. In addition, the Senior Residential Advisors participate in meetings of various bodies, carry out inspections of College property and undertake some administrative duties.

Residential Advisor (RA)
Residential Advisors are responsible for role modelling the behaviours expected within the College community, and actively support the wellbeing and academic success of its students. They are the first point of contact for personal and academic problems and can advise students on additional support structures within the College community and the wider community.

St Mark's College
Top Left: Ben Jenner, Adam Burford, Isobel McFarlane, Travis Kuchel and Lukas Egger.
Bottom Left: Abby Goodwin, Bronte Phillips (Assistant Dean), Chad Lennon (Assistant Dean), Sagar Elangovan (Senior Residential Advisor), Kaitlyn Beltakis
Absent: Jack Brady, Tessa Megaw and Morgan Hill.
PositionNamesHome TownCourseYear in Course in 2020
Senior Residential AdvisorSagar ElangovanBrisbane, QLDUA Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery2nd/6th year
Residential AdvisorAbby GoodwinWhyalla, SAFL: Bachelor of Paramedic Science3rd year
Adam BurfordYacka, SAUA: Bachelor of Science (Mineral Geoscience)3rd year
Ben JennerMt Gambier, SAUA: Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)3rd year
Isobel McFarlaneArmidale, VICUA: Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery3rd year
Jack BradyBuderim, QLDUA: Bachelor of Commerce2nd year
Kaitlin BeltakisMt Gambier, SAUA: Bachelor in Health and Medical Science (Advanced)2nd year
Lukas EggerHamilton, VICUA: Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery3rd year
Tessa MegawMt Gambier, SAMW: Bachelor of Education (Primary and Middle)3rd year
Travis KuchelClare, SAUA: Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)(Civil and Structural)/Bachelor of Finance3rd year
Morgan HillNightcliff, NTUA: Bachelor of Nursing (Pre-registration)3rd year

Senior Academic Tutor
The role of the Senior Academic Tutor is to assist students in the positive transition from school to university life and provide support to ensure academic success and resilience. Working closely with the Director of Learning, the portfolio includes coordinating the tutorial program with the Academic Tutors and ensuring all students are aware of and able to access the academic support at the College.  They are also a member of the Library Sub-Committee.

Academic Coordinator
Academic Coordinators play an important role and are responsible for coordinating the academic and career program for the faculty, including coordinating and supporting the relevant tutoring team, run faculty dinners and career events, support new students with their transition into university as well as providing mentoring and personal support to all students in their faculty.

St Mark's College
Top Left: Ryan Williams, Mitchel Paull and Ben Joy.
Bottom Left: Tori Martin, Gemma Nunn, Ashlee Nichol (Senior Academic Tutor), Lacey Burston and Danielle Boniface.
Absent: Olivia Watt and Aidan Jones.
PositionNameHome TownCourseYear in Course 2020
Senior Academic TutorAshlee NicholCastlemaine, VICUA: Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery4th year
Academic TutorsNamesHome TownCourseYear in Course in 2020



Gemma NunnBordertown, SAUA: Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences2nd year

Allied Health


Olivia WattMildura, VICUA: Bachelor of Health and Medical Sciences3rd year

Arts & Education


Tori MartinBerri, SAMG: Bachelor of Education (Junior Primary and Primary)3rd year



Benjamin JoyAldinga Beach, SAUA: Bachelor of Commerce (Corporate Finance)3rd year

Engineering & Architecture


Mitchell PaullGeraldton, WAUA: Bachelor of Engineering in Aerospace Engineering3rd year



Aidan JonesQuantong, VICBachelor of Laws3rd year

Medicine, Nursing & Dentistry


Danielle BonifacePymble, NSWUA: Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery3rd year
ScienceLacey BurstonMt Gambier, SAUA: Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering double/combined degrees3rd year

Library Assistant
The Library Assistant works collaboratively with the Librarian to ensure the effective running of the Academic Centre and ensuring students are utilising the Academic Centre and Learning Commons facilities in a respectful manner.

PositionNamesHome TownCourseYear in Course in 2020
Library AssistantRyan WilliamsPenola, SAUA: Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery3rd year
Lacey Burston (continuing)Mt Gambier, SABachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Chemical and Pharmaceutical)3rd year

Arts Coordinator
The Arts Coordinator directly manages all facets of the College’s annual arts and cultural events. They work in close collaboration with the College Club Committee and elected Directors to create a contemporary, rich and vibrant performing arts program.

PositionNamesHome TownCourseYear in Course in 2020
Arts CoordinatorJosh PhillipsPort Lincoln, SAUA Bachelor of Music3rd year

Gym Officer
The Fitness and Gym Officers take responsibility for the provision of health and physical fitness opportunities at College. They develop programs throughout the year to cater to a diverse range of fitness levels and interests.

PositionNamesHome TownCourseYear in Course in 2020
Gym OfficerDan RobsonAlice Springs, NTUA: Bachelor of Economics/Bachelor of Finance2nd year

St Mark’s College students stand out from the crowd when the time comes to enter the workforce. For more information on leadership opportunities offered at St Mark’s College click here.