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Making a donation

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St Mark’s College has been endorsed as a deductible gift recipient under Subdivision 30-BA of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997. This means that all donations to St Mark’s College are tax deductible.

The College recognises donations of $500 or more under the following categories on the Honour Board at the entrance to Downer House;

  • Donations of $500-$1999 – Member
  • Donations of $2000-$9,999 – Senior Member
  • Donations of $10,000-$24,999 – Fellow
  • Donations of $25,000-$99,999 – Benefactor
  • Donations $100,000 or over – Governor

Almost nine decades of continuing support from students, past collegians, and other friends of St Mark’s has enabled the College to maintain the integrity of its vision. It has provided access to students of all backgrounds, produced an enviable number of Rhodes Scholars, developed an international reputation for excellence and enhanced the beauty and distinction of its buildings and grounds. The large and growing band of fine achievers has been immeasurably influenced by a stimulating and challenging community with a vibrant College spirit where College traditions are alive and well and the cachet of having been to St Mark’s very real. Intellectual stimulation and broadening of personal horizons, which occur within this community of young scholars, is the hallmark of St Mark’s.

Making a bequest

A bequest will ensure the College maintains its leading edge and provides its students with upgraded accommodation and state-of-the-art educational facilities. It also assists students to continue their studies in the supportive environment of St Mark’s College. This helps our students of today become leaders of tomorrow in their chosen professions, as exemplified by so many Old Collegians.

Notification to the College now of a bequest would qualify you for immediate Life Membership of the St Mark’s College Foundation and a place on the Honour Board in Downer House in the appropriate category.

Please click here to download the Bequest brochure for further information.


The scholarships offered by the College enable students to enjoy and continue to participate in the life of St Mark’s College. Different scholarships recognise students who achieve, those who are in financial need, and those with specific needs.

Donations can be made to the Alumni Scholarship Fund to increase the income generated for scholarships enabling more scholarships to be offered to students. Donations can also be made to the Endowment Fund which awards about 30 scholarships of approximately $1,000 each per annum.

Donors can request to have a scholarship named after themselves, or in memory of a loved one, by donating a capital sum to the College, from which income can be generated. Alternatively, donations of an annual amount of approximately $1,000 or more can be made to the College for a particular scholarship.

A list of all currently available scholarships can be found on our website.


This is a unique opportunity to have your name permanently engraved on a paver. The engraved brick pavers are feature rows around the pond in the College courtyard.

For Old Collegians, each paver will be engraved with your name (or, if you wish, the name of a member of your family who has attended St Mark’s) and the years in College. Friends of the College are also welcome to donate a paver, and have their name engraved.

To buy a brick please download a form here.

Major Text Books

The library would like to increase the major text books available to residents to assist them with their studies.  Please contact the librarian for a list of books that are currently required. Donor’s names will be recognised in each book.

General donations to the library

Our library began in 1927 with the donation of some eighty books by the then Governor of South Australia, Sir Tom Bridges, together with some valuable histories donated by Mr C J B Symon.

Since then, the library has been enormously enriched by the generosity of donors and around sixty per cent of our collection continues to be acquired in this way.

Donations of books are managed in consultation with the St Mark’s librarian and funds received for the library will be used to purchase quality books which will enhance our collection.

PayPal — The safer, easier way to pay online.

Please contact the Director of Development & Marketing, Sarah Hampel, on +61 8 8334 5604 or email for further information on supporting the College.

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