Scholarships reward success in all areas of College

Thirty-four College scholarships were awarded at the semester two Scholarships Ceremony held on Wednesday 14th October 2015. The College holds two ceremonies each year to recognise students for their contribution to the College, academic success or to support their application for financial assistance. Importantly, scholarship ceremonies provide an opportunity to acknowledge the incredible generosity of our donors and supporters dating back to the 1930s and as recently as 2014.

It was fantastic to welcome benefactors and family members who presented scholarships and joined the Master at Formal Hall following the ceremony. In its second year, Dr John Boully presented the JM Boully scholarship to first year MBBS student Tim Trewren from Renmark. John lived at St Mark’s in the 1960s and in his final year as a medical student he lived at Yalata mission. John said that this experience was ‘life changing’ and he subsequently devoted his life as a practitioner and advocate for the improvement of aboriginal health services.

James Wells presented the Lendon Scholarship on behalf of his family to Sarah Trewren, in her third year of medicine at the University of Adelaide.

Martin Crabb, Business Development Manager at Programmed, presented the Programmed Scholarship to Nathan Harders. Nathan is in his third year of a Bachelor of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Programmed have been looking after the regular maintenance of the College since 1984 and we thank them for their ongoing support of our students.

Kardinia Caputo was the recipient of the DL & ME Pank Scholarship, presented by Jane Newland. Kardinia is in her first year of a Bachelor of Teaching and Arts.

Congratulations to all recipients. For more information about the scholarships available at St Mark’s, please click here.



Alumni Scholarships,Natasha Hutchesson
,Jack Arney
,Monique Edson
,Annabel Maher
,Devon Milton-Hutchinson
,Jessica Robinson
,Jasmine Hera-Singh
,Emily McPherson
,Madelaine Hunter
,Olivia Mackenzie
,Max Cutter
,Scott Nelson

The Margaret Beith Scholarship,Ainslie Trenwith
,Ryan Burley

The Margaret Tothill Scholarship,Brett Slarks

The Lewis Scholarship,Nick Holloway

The Don Laidlaw Prize,Michael Smith
,Gaby Parker

The Jeremy and Timothy Pascoe Scholarship,Heidi Hutchesson

The Lendon Scholarship,Sarah Trewren

The LeMessurier Scholarship,Natasha Gray

The Programmed Scholarship,Nathan Harders

The Gavin Walkley Scholarship,Liam Hay

The Sir Ronald Fisher Medal,Marlee Crawford

DL & ME Pank Scholarship,Kardinia Caputo

The Rev’d Julian Faithfull Bickersteth Scholarship,Jack Dowd
,Josiah Whittaker
,Lachlan McLeod
,Hamish McLachlan
,Sam Martin

The P & B Greenland scholarship,Andrew Casey

The Women of St Mark’s Scholarship,Mikka Ewens

J M Boully Scholarship,Tim Trewren

The Sholto Douglas Memorial Scholarship,Callum Deakin



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