One final celebration for 2015

Final Dinner is always a fantastic celebration of the diversity and talents of our College community. The Final Service, held in St Peter’s Cathedral, provided an opportunity for reflection, particularly for those who are leaving St Mark’s this year. The College Chaplain, Rev’d Grant Moore, delivered his poignant sermon on the transition we all inevitably go through at various stages of our lives – the transition from school to university, from Freshers to Seniors and from students to the world of work.

Final Dinner saw a toast to the Leavers and the College, followed by a hilarious rendition of ‘Nick’s Got Bills’ by the Master. Congratulations to the following students who were awarded Colours in the area of academics, service, the arts and sport;



Tennis,Sam Lee and Kelsey Yamanaka
Swimming,Tim Trewren and Sarah Trewren
Table Tennis,Angus Gebhardt and Cassandra Glover
Debating,Charlie Jones
Netball,Andrew Kurtz and Molly Affolter
Football,Tim Woolford and Morgan Chaplin
Soccer,Ben Forrest and Sarah Hanel
Basketball,Tom Blake and Ella Roberts
Hockey,Scott Nelson and Gabi Parker
Volleyball,Michael Smith and Yasmin Johnson
Athletics,Ben Bradnam and Isabelle Cottle
Boat Racing,Sam West and Mary Seagrim
College Choir,Christina Simpson
Arts Evening,Matthew Halligan
College Revue,Kosta Kotsomitis
College Play,Jemima Staude
Nick Holloway,Andrew Patten
Callum Deakin,Glen Humphries
Melissa Jones,Marlee Crawford
Alek Sims,Angus Gebhardt
Keegan Steele,Alex Makarowsky


The Collegians’ Prize, awarded to the student who has contributed the most during their time at College in the areas of academics, the community and the College, was this year awarded to sixth year MBBS student, and 2016 Senior Academic Tutor, Callum Deakin. 2016 College Club President Heidi Hutchesson was awarded female Sportswoman of the year and Sam Martin was the male Sportsman of the year.
Daniel Kornherr, who has spent the year at College as a Fresher, despite being in his third year of university at the University of Stavanger, was recognised as Fresher of the Year. Daniel has been very giving of his time and support of his fellow Collegians, attending every event and taking photos for the Club. We wish him well as he returns to Norway at the end of the year.

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