Prizes, Scholarships and Grants celebrate student success

The College held its first of two scholarships ceremonies last Wednesday 6th May.

The ceremony is an appropriate way of recognising the outstanding academic performances of students in addition to contribution to the life of the College in addition to those students who may require financial assistance.  The ceremony also enables the College to acknowledge the generosity of our current and past donors and benefactors in providing ongoing support to our students.

The vital Cowan Grants, for students from a rural or regional background who may experience difficulty in accessing university, were presented their awards by Cowan Trustees Bob and Gayle Cowan who travelled from Mt Gambier on the occasion of the ceremony.  Bob Cowan provided some inspiration and imparted some words of wisdom about the importance of making good choices in life and the ability to recognise the consequences of those choices.


The following prizes were awarded for outstanding academic performance during the 2014 academic year:

The E A Radcliff Prize: Ms Marlee Crawford
Awarded to the best academic performance in a previous year by a returning student

The G Angas Parsons Prize: Mr Tom Blake
Awarded for outstanding academic performance by a returning student

The W F Wehrstedt Prize: Ms Melissa Jones
Awarded to a scholar in the Arts and Humanities

The BP Wait Prize: Mr Henry Hole
Awarded to the best student of Classics or Modern Languages

The WA Collegians’ Prize: Mr Keegan Steele
Awarded for excellence in science or science related subjects

32 scholarships worth in excess of $50,000 were awarded as follows:

The St Mark’s College Engineering Scholarship: Mr Samuel Martin

St Mark’s Alumni Scholarship: Ms Hannah Bensch, Ms Lucy Eldredge, Mr Henry Hole, Ms Heidi Hutchesson, Ms Philippa Jones, Mr Michael Smith and Mr Keegan Steele

Sodexo Scholarships: Ms Jenna Chandler, Mr Andrew Peel, Ms Sophie Wakefield and Ms Hailee Witmitz

St Mark’s Old Collegians’ Bursary: Ms Sarina Ferguson and Mr Samuel Lee

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Image 1: Mr Neil Oliver, Sodexo Operations Manager, presented the Sodexo Scholarships.
Image 2: Hayley and Tiffany Finlay, recipients of the Cowan Further Grants.
Image 3: President of the Old Collegians’ Association, Mr Richard Foster, presented the Old Collegians’ Bursary to Sarina Ferguson and Sam Lee.
Image 4: Scholarship recipients Mary Seagrim, Sam Lee, Maighan Brandwood and Tom Blake.
Image 5: President of the Foundation, Mr Simon Emms, presented the Alumni Scholarships.
Image 6: Mr Bob Cowan presented the Cowan Grants, pictured here with recipients of the Cowan Continuing Grants.

Cowan Entry Grants
Ms Maighan Brandwood
Mr Joseph Cavanagh
Ms Morgan Chaplin
Mr Jason Geddie
Mr Timothy Irvin
Ms Shaylee Kassulke
Ms Astrid Moyle
Ms Mary Seagrim

Cowan Continuing Grants
Ms Kate Cmrlec
Ms Tahlia Manuel
Mr Jason McCarthy
Ms Jessica Medaglia
Ms Sophie Wakefield

Cowan Further Grants
Ms Allyse Chapman
Ms Hannah Farrelly
Ms Hayley Finlay
Ms Tiffany Finlay
Mr Timothy Woolford