Raising a glass to the first 39 years of College

Celebrating its 90th birthday in March, the College experienced a number of momentous milestones throughout the year. Another of these was the annual 50 Year Club luncheon, welcoming back those who were at College over 50 years ago. On November 27th, the Master welcomed 35 collegians and their partners to the College, some of whom had not been back for many years. In proposing a toast to the College, Ian Wall OAM spoke fondly of his time at College, humourously recalling his first night waking up to the sound of the trams rattling past his bedroom. Given the recent changes to the College’s landscape, the Master took guests on a tour of the East Wing and outlined current plans for the upcoming Greening Project.

We thank those who were able to attend, and those who sent apologies for this occasion. In attendance was;

Prof Michael Alpers AO and Dr Elizabeth Lehmann
Mrs Elizabeth Alpers
Dr John Alwyn AM
Mr Patrick Bagot
Mr Crichton Burton and Mrs Elizabeth Burton
Associate Prof Robert Cheesman AM
Rev’d Andrew Cheesman
Dr Richard Curtis, Mrs Eleanor Curtis and Ms Helen Curtis
Mr Bruce Debelle AO QC
Dr Alex Disney
Dr Geoffrey Gibson
Mr Henry Glover and Mrs Wendy Glover
Rev’d William and Mrs Chris Goodes
Dr George Gream
Dr Dudley Hill
Hon Alexander Lewis
Dr John Mayo
Mr Archibald McArthur OAM
Dr John Preston
Dr Benjamin Robinson
Mr John and Mrs Nancy Tassie
Emeritus Prof David Thomas
Dr Michael Tingay and Ms Anita Robinson
Mr Thomas Varcoe
Dr John Walker
Mr Ian Wall OAM and Mrs Pamela Wall OAM

Raising a toast to the first 39 years of the College.
Raising a toast to the first 39 years of the College.


Deborah Lehmann with Michael Alpers
Ian Wall OAM proposing the toast to the College.
Ian Wall OAM proposing the toast to the College.
David Thomas with Thomas Varcoe
David Thomas with Thomas Varcoe
Rev’d Bill Goodes, Rev’d Andrew Cheesman and Archie McArthur AOM