A resident’s all-round wellbeing is important and the College support structures are in place to facilitate a smooth transition to university.


One of the many advantages of residing in a college is access to a support network which can help with any issue that may arise during your university years. Recognising that our members come from varied backgrounds, the support networks available at the College are in place to ensure that orientation and transition to the College, university and Adelaide are stress-free.

Student Support

The Dean Team

The Dean of Students, Dean of Studies and Assistant Deans are the key advisers on individual student matters. They have an open door policy for all students. The Dean of Studies manages the Academic Program and the Mentoring Program with the assistance of senior students and monitors the academic progress and academic welfare of all students. The Dean of Students and Assistant Deans work very closely with the Residential Advisors and Committee to provide care and support to the students. The Deans are also responsible for the overall good order of the College and pastoral care of students which includes personal and academic counselling.

Senior Common Room

Members of the Senior Common Room (SCR) have expertise in a number of academic disciplines and are ready to provide support to all students and help at any time. The SCR members conduct academic tutorials, mentor students and inspire students to set their academic and career goals.

Residential Advisors

Residential Advisors have the responsibility of providing care and assistance to students of the College, particularly in their first year. Their primary tasks are to be available to help other students in the proximity of their rooms and to see that behaviour is in accordance with the values of the College. They are a first point of contact for personal and academic problems and can advise students on the existing support structures within the College.


Senior students are selected to take part in the College’s mentoring program. Small groups of four or five first year students are partnered with a senior student in a similar area of study. Mentor dinners are held throughout the year, providing an opportunity to catch up and discuss any areas of concern.

Student Leadership

There are a range of student leadership positions at the College. From the 17-member College Club Committee, to Mentors, Academic Tutors, Book Club Convenor, Student IT Officer and Gym Curator – there is something for everyone.

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