Revision and Exams

Revision and Exam Strategies

Revision and Exam Strategies

Whether you’re a pro at University exams, or it’s all new to you, here are some strategies for you to consider over the coming weeks:

  1. Planning your revision
  2. Revising effectively
  3. The exam itself
  4. Tips and techniques

A quick note on open book exams

This semester your exams are likely to be open book exams or take-home exams – but you’ll need to prepare for them in much the same way as you’d prepare for a normal sit-down exam. You still need to revise and understand the material prior to the exam, rather than trying to figure it out in the exam itself.

The key difference will be towards the end of your revision period, when you start to draw up your quick-reference notes and add post-its to the key pages in your text books. This will ensure that you don’t waste time in the exam tracking down that crucial quote, or a key formula.