Faculty-Specific Support

Faculty-Specific Support

Faculty Specific Support

As far as possible we’re keeping the Academic Program running in much the same way as usual, albeit online rather than in person.


One of the benefits of Tutorials moving online is that they are available both to those currently in College and those who have suspended their residence. 

A list of all current Tutors can be found at this link

Remember that you can contact Tutors in other Faculties if you think they’ll be a useful resource for you; if you aren’t sure how to contact them just ask anyone on the Academic Team.

If anyone does not have a Tutor in their subject and would find it helpful to have one, please let us know 🙂

Faculty Facebook pages

Your Faculty Facebook page continues to be a great way to stay in touch with others in your subject area, including via Zoom catch-ups. 

Feel free to share links to any relevant resources or upcoming events with your Academic Co-ordinator, or directly onto the page. 

Google Drives

Some Faculties have put together some subject-specific resources in google drives. Speak to your Academic Coordinator for more information.