A committed and enthusiastic staff and governance team work tirelessly with the Foundation, Old Collegians' Association and various Committees to ensure the continued success of the College.

College staff

Master: Ms Rose Alwyn BA, MBA

The Head of the College is known as “the Master” and is the Academic and Executive Head (CEO) of the College.  The Master is directly responsible to the College Board for the overall welfare of the College and its students, and for ensuring that all aspects of the College are effectively managed, and that the College enjoys a good standing within the universities and the broader community.

The Master’s responsibilities are to provide leadership and oversight in regard to many aspects of the life of the College; academic life; pastoral care; finance and administration; marketing, public relations and fundraising; strategic planning; external relations.

Dean: Dr Areti Metuamate BA (Hons), MSt, PhD

The Dean is responsible for the pastoral care of students, providing professional support and advice on student governance matters, and overseeing a wide range of administrative roles including the admissions process for new students and management of student events, programs and activities. The Dean is focused on ensuring the College provides the best support and care of the physical, mental, emotional and (along with the Director of Learning) academic well-being of students. The Dean is also the deputy to the Master and may act for the Master when the Master is on leave.

Assistant Dean: Ms Sarina Ferguson BCom (Acc)

The Assistant Dean supports the pastoral care work of the Dean and is a key contact point for students in need of assistance, especially after hours. The Assistant Dean works with student leaders on programs to enhance the student experience.  The Assistant Dean plays an important role in encouraging positive and healthy student engagement and behaviour that is in line with the College’s Code of Conduct.

Head Residential Advisors: Mr Brady Martin and Ms Erin Widdison

The Head Residential Advisors are responsible for leading the Residential Advisor team and ensuring that Residential Advisors on each floor are providing the necessary support to ensure students are both comfortable and safe at College. The Head Residential Advisors assist the College by being available to students in need of general advice and assistance in relation to most aspects of the student experience.

Director of Learning:  Ms Katherine Radoslovich BInt(Hon), BDev

The Director of Learning is responsible for ensuring high level academic support through the College’s tutorial and mentor program, facilitating outcomes for students in their transition from university to employment, building and improving strategic partnerships with the universities and wider community, and will also work closely with the Dean in ensuring the best possible support and care of all students.

Director Development & Marketing: Ms Sarah Hampel BA

Property Manager: Mr Richard Foster  B.Ed., Dip Child Psych

Project Manager (student engagement): Ms Raphaela Oest BComm, GradDip FEDM

Chaplain: The Rev’d Grant Moore

The Chaplain has a particular responsibility for the spiritual underpinnings of the College. This includes the conduct of the Commencement, Founders’ Day and Final Services and regular Morning Prayer meetings in the Chapel, but also more generally, praying for the life of the College and for its staff and students and being available for advice and counselling of a personal and spiritual nature.

Receptionist: Mrs Anne Verwey

Finance Officer: Ms Lorraine Burgess

Librarian: Mrs Pirjo Rayner LAA, AALIA

Archivist: Ms Monica Smith

Maintenance: George DeBono, Marcus Verwey, Richard Weis, Tony Zander

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