St Mark’s is committed to providing a safe, respectful and inclusive learning environment for all students. We do this through an extensive education and training program for all students to complement existing support structures for pastoral and academic support. The saying goes that “you go to university to get your degree, but you go to College to gain your education” which becomes evident when you consider all of the additional personal and professional development opportunities that a College experience provides.

Student Leadership

St Mark’s is based on the basic principle that students are the life of the College and take on personal responsibility for establishing a healthy, respectful, inclusive and welcoming culture. This respect is fostered through our strong sense of student governance and accountability. Our student leaders undertake extensive training to ensure they are equipped to manage and learn from the multitude of experiences and challenges they will face as leaders within our community. Each year in late November, Leadership Week provides an opportunity for focussed training and teamwork.

Training programs

Ethical leadership
Leading Teams – values behaviour

Mental health and wellbeing
Headspace workshops

Mental Health First Aid for student leaders

University counselling services

Healthy Minds for student leaders

Healthy Minds and the 30 Day Challenge

Alcohol and Drug Education
Alcohol and Drug Education Specialists

Responsible Service of Alcohol (online and in person)

Respectful relationships
Yarrow Place Recognise and Respond to Disclosures of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment

Yarrow Place workshop – consent and support services

Consent Matters

First Aid
Emergency First Aid

Social Media and personal branding
Social Media Training

Personal Branding


Batyr mental health and wellbeing workshop


Guest Speaker Series

Student coordinators facilitate a thought-provoking program of guest speakers each year. These events are sometimes faculty-specific but most often are general interest and address relevant events and experiences in the broader community.
Speakers also cover topics such as mental health, leadership and personal development.

Personal Development

An extensive training program is designed to support students in their leadership responsibilities, in addition to training for all first-year students to help them navigate what it means to be a respectful and positive member of our College community.

St Mark’s offers workshops in workplace expectations, resume writing and interview techniques to help students prepare for their post-university pathway.