Scholarship Ceremony – Semester I

Scholarship Ceremony – Semester I

During 2018, over $450,000 in financial support will be awarded to St Mark’s new and returning students this year to enable them to live and learn within the St Mark’s College community.

At the recent Semester I Scholarship Ceremony fifty-three students shared in over $280,000 in scholarships, grants, bursaries and prizes.  These awards recognised and supported a diverse range of criteria such as student achievements, contribution to the community, specific needs, talents, living circumstances and financial need.

Alex Makarowsky, Dylan Moore, Adam Burford, Alana Winter, Josh Phillips and Lena Eversheim

Kaitlyn Cook, Carmen Joubert, Imogen Peters, Riley Arnold and Bonnie Seagrim

The Master, Rose Alwyn welcomed students, parents and special guests to the ceremony including Mr Mark Penniment, Finance Director, Mr Craig Williams, President of the Old Collegians’ Association and Mr Bob and Mrs Gayle Cowan, Cowan Trustees.  In her speech she said that “The cost of quality education is increasing and in speaking to prospective students and their family members it is evident that for many there is a significant financial strain yet desire to reside at a place such as St Mark’s College. At a time when many students have to work part-time to support themselves while they study, the value of scholarships cannot be overstated.”

Mr Bob Cowan of the Cowan Trustees shared his own first-hand experience of studying and managing university fees and living expenses whilst working multiple jobs.  This experience created a philanthropic desire for he and his wife to provide financial assistance to students to ease the financial cost of university and enjoy a balanced lifestyle.  Since then their generosity has enabled countless new and returning students to receive scholarships over the years and enjoy university whilst also experiencing St Mark’s residential college life.  Bob encouraged the students to reflect on the impact of receiving a scholarship and consider their own future benefaction to support the needs of others.

St Mark’s is grateful to all the generous benefactors and friends of the College who contribute generously to keep St Mark’s accessible to students, regardless of their financial circumstance.

St Mark’s Entry Bursary

Emily Baylis, Nicola Burdett, Lukas Eggar, Lena Eversheim, Roan Gillam, Ben Joy, Dylan Moore


Dylan Moore, Ben Joy, Emily Baylis, Lukas Eggar and Lena Eversheim

St Mark’s Entry Bursary – Further

Hannah Bradshaw, Lucinda Bunge, Eliza Glascott, Joo Lee

Joo Lee Lucy Bunge Hannah Bradshaw


Cowan Entry Grant

Riley Arnold, Adam Burford, Drew Guegan-Brown, Josh Phillips, Liam Stevens, Olivia Watt

Cowan Grant – Further

Ryan Casey, Carson Clark, Benjamin Heaslip

Back Row: Josh Phillips Ben Heaslip Drew Guegan-Brown, Riley Arnold, Carson Clark, Adam Burford. Front Row: Olivia Watt, Gayle Cowan & Bob Cowan

Margaret and Harry Scott Scholarship

Nicola Badran, Lucy Burston, Kaitlyn Cook, Brittany Doyle, Abby Goodwin, Chloe Grosser, Samantha Hauptman, Shannon Herbert, Carmen Joubert, Victoria Martin, Tessa Megaw, Courtney Milne, Imogen Peters, Cassandra Poulton, Bonnie Seagrim, Stacey Stott, Alana Winter

Nicola Badran, Courtney Milne, Samantha Hauptman, Cassandra Poulton and Stacey Stott

Margaret and Harry Scott Scholarship – Further

Kailtin Cook, Tegan Griffiths, Chelsea Hammond, Dayna Lawrie, Beth Leese, Laura Marafiote, Georg-jah Mitchell

Laura Marafiote, Dayna Lawrie, Chelsea Hammond and Kaitlin Cook

St Mark’s Old Collegians’ Bursary

Hugo Lee, Emma Morgan

Hugo Lee & Craig Williams

Julien Bickersteth – Entry Scholarship

Dylan Moore

Julien Bickersteth – Returning Scholarship

James Dukalskis


Dylan Moore and James Dukalskis

The E A Radcliff Prize

Alexander Makarowsky

Raphaela Oest & Alex Makarowsky

The G Angas Parsons Prize

Connor Bakaj

Conor Bakaj & Raphaela Oest


The W F Wehrstedt Prize

Lachlan Strachan

Lachlan Strachan & Raphaela Oest

The WA Collegians Prize

Clare Dixon

Clare Dixon & Raphaela Oest

The BP Wait

Hannah Bradshaw

Hannah Bradshaw & Raphaela Oest


Imogen Peters with mother Natasha Rayson

Kaitlin Cook with mother Julie Cook

Abby Goodwin with parents Darren and Jodie Goodwin

Ben Joy, Lacey Burston, Brittany Doyle and Olivia Watt


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