Elise Thompson, Rose Alwyn, Jack Quirk & Sam Rogers

Old Collegians reunite in Melbourne!

What a night Victoria!  Over 40 Old Collegians and partners joined us recently for a lively reunion at the Hotel Windsor in Melbourne.

Old Collegians who were at St Mark’s from 1950 right through to 2017 fondly shared their memories of College life and updated friends on life since College.

Dr Peter Edwards AM, Wal Wiersma & David Lewis

Kara Gilmartin, Stephanie Carter & Emily Dellar

The Master welcomed guests and shared information about the success of the College and future plans that will ensure St Mark’s students will continue to thrive well into the future.

Marcus Reade-Brown, the St Mark’s Ambassador for Victoria shared his goal of connecting Old Collegians living in Victoria through a range of activities and events. He is greatly appreciative of those who offered to engage with the broader Old Collegian network to encourage them to attend events and leverage future networking opportunities.

Nick Herath, Marcus Reade-Brown, Kara Gilmartin, Craig Williams, Alex Withers & Clare Inglis

Congratulations to all the raffle winners who happily left with wine and merchandise kindly donated by the College and the St Mark’s Old Collegians’ Association.

Thank you to all who attended for creating such a fun, warm and collegial atmosphere. Our Old Collegian reunions are a powerful way of connecting with friends from years past, as well as making new friends and professional contacts within the global St Mark’s Old Collegians network.

Andrew Marks & Emma Elsworth

Alex Shepherd & Elise Thompson

Ayesha & Nathan Everitt

Dr Bill Denholm AM, Barry Fox & Rose Alwyn

Geoff Adams &
Troy Varcoe

Gemma Kinnersley, Allyd Kinnersley, Julita Wojciechowska, Thomas Eberhard

Jo Verity, Andrew Meier & Wal Wiersma

Joel Logan, Morgan Goss, Monique Champion & Tom Laity

Esther Lang, Tom Eberhard, Lachlan Taylor & Geoff Adams

Kara Gilmartin, Stephanie Carter & Emily Dellar

Morgan Goss, Alex Shepherd & Lachlan Flynn

Emma Elsworth & Mitch Waters

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