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A high level of student governance is central to the success of our community.


“What you find in College depends on you”
– Mr Peter Ryan, President 1963

The 2018 Committee

These are the students who are voted in to run the College’s social, cultural and sporting events. Essentially their role is to ensure that College is an enjoyable place to be, and that all students are fairly represented and having a good time.

President: Ben Massey

The President of St Mark’s College Club is responsible for managing the College Club and its Committee. The President is the student body’s face to the outside world whilst chairing all meetings, keeping College spirit high and ensuring the student experience is respectful, inclusive and safe for all.

For a list of College Club Presidents since 1925, please click here.

The Hon Secretary: Evette de Jager

The position of Secretary on the College Club Committee is one of high importance. It is the Secretary’s job to ensure all records are accurately kept, work closely with the President on all issues, prepare for and take minutes of meetings and to manage the Committee’s correspondence. The position is one of leadership and management and is essential to the smooth running of the Committee.

Treasurer:  Tom Edney

The Treasurer of the College Club is responsible for managing the Club’s finances. The Treasurer is required to set and enforce budgets for all events that are run by the Club’s Committee and ensures the long term prosperity of the Club whilst returning profits to the Club’s members.

Sports Officers: Tegan Griffiths and Nathaniel Lloyd

The Sports Officers take on the monumental task of managing St Mark’s sporting endeavours. A series of sports are played throughout the year with the aim of winning the Douglas Irving Cup. The position requires outstanding organisational and motivational skills to get the best team on the field for each event with a healthy crowd of supporters.

Social Officers: Rhiannon Bruce and Kade Lonergan

The Social Officers are responsible for providing the opportunity for all St Mark’s residents to have a good time in a safe and enjoyable environment. From pub nights to pond parties, the Social Officers work tirelessly to provide a sensational social experience for all.

International and Equity Officers: Chelsea Hammond and Jack Goold

The holders of this position on the College Club Committee are responsible for ensuring that the international students who have come to St Mark’s have a smooth transition into St Mark’s and Australian life. They are also responsible for making sure that College events are enjoyable for everyone, regardless of who you are and to provide a range of different types of events for people to try.

General Committee

These members each organise two or three events throughout the year. Along with the Executive Committee, they spend huge amounts of time setting up and packing up so that everyone has ridiculous amounts of fun at events.

Charitable Foundation

The student-led Charitable Foundation was established in 2009 and works to further the charitable pursuits of the College. Organising both fundraising and awareness activities throughout the year, the Foundation is open to all members of the College, including first year students.


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