College is an immersive and often life changing experience, one where you will make friends for life.

Why Choose St Mark’s College?

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    College Life

    Active, vibrant and diverse. That’s our community! St Mark’s College provides a supportive and stimulating environment where students pursue their optimum academic achievement. While aiming at the pursuit of excellence in specific fields of study at university, the College also promotes amongst its members a love of learning, and a critical approach to issues.
    Colleges cater to the uniqueness of individuals –we recognise that each student living in our community is an individual and our relationship with students is transformational, not transactional. By providing an atmosphere in which students are accepted as mature and self-responsible, St Mark’s aims to make a student’s stay at College a fun, enjoyable, intellectual, and maturing experience.

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    Our values

    Our Values are integral to the success of our community. Our values guide student behaviour and ensure that all members of our community and staff are living and working harmoniously in a safe and supportive environment. St Mark’s offers a dynamic student and staff interaction, peer support, a strong sense of belonging and the opportunity to make lifelong friends and connections. We’re also a not-for-profit organisation so all revenue is reinvested in facilities and opportunities for the benefit of all students.

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    Our Past

    St Mark’s College, the oldest of the university residential Colleges affiliated with universities in South Australia, opened its doors to students in 1925 and has a rich and significant history.  It became co-residential in 1982 and now provides accommodation for over two hundred and forty undergraduates, post graduates, senior members and visitors. The College is associated with the Anglican Church of Australia, but is freely open to women and men of all faiths and nationalities.

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    A former Dean of St Mark’s once said that “At university you get a degree – at St Mark’s you get an education”. Certainly we take academic achievement seriously here, and St Mark’s students consistently achieve high results in their exams. But there is a lot more to life at St Mark’s than study; this is a fun and vibrant community, which encourages students to participate in a plethora of activities. There are plenty of activities in which to involve yourself in, whether it is on the stage or sports field, in the spheres of music, drama, through outreach to the community, or just by coming along to any or all of the College events.

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    Our Alumni

    We treasure our alumni of over 4,000 St Mark’s Old Collegians. They are our true ambassadors who passionately support the college through their lifetime. They are pioneers in their field, entrepreneurs, politicians, experts, Ambassadors, and more, all of whom have all enriched the world in many different ways.
    Our Old Collegians are also some of our most generous supporters and benefactors who have enabled St Mark’s to thrive through not only their financial donations but through their advice, encouragement and support for the College.
    Our Old Collegians also connect with their peers through reunions and events which enable them to develop strong personal and professional networks around the world

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Come and experience it for yourself
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Location and Travel

Located a short walk from the city of Adelaide, St Mark’s College really is Adelaide’s premier student residential address.

As the real estate saying goes, “location, location, location!” and college accommodation is no different. As a student new to Adelaide, you want to be within easy access to the city, university and the city’s attractions and activities.

St Mark’s College is situated in North Adelaide overlooking the parklands and world famous Adelaide Oval and immediately adjacent to the towering spires of St Peter’s Cathedral. It is an easy ten minute walk to Adelaide University and the city campuses of the University of South Australia and is easily accessible to Flinders University and other university campuses by public transport or private vehicle.

The College is only five minutes from O’Connell and Melbourne Streets that are popular and well known as part of Adelaide’s café and restaurant culture.  Supermarkets, retail clothing and other stores are in easy reach.

We also offer secure on-site car parking for all our students, and applications can be made at the time of confirming your offer of a place at St Mark’s.