Study Abroad

St Mark's College welcomes single semester and full year study abroad students from many countries and has done so for over twenty years. To submit an application, please click here.

Why St Mark's College?

When considering accommodation options, it is important to explore the benefits that each option provides. A residential college provides an excellent option for a study abroad student. St Mark's College not only includes all of the benefits associated with student accommodation such as a fully furnished room and twenty one meals a week, but also a comprehensive support system which includes academic and pastoral care. Additionally, the College has a vibrant social, sporting and cultural life and with a student body of 230 students that includes around 10% international students.

Residence at St Mark's College is the best way to ensure that one's social, academic, and sporting life are lived alongside Australian students.

Every student at St Mark's College has a single room that is fully furnished and includes Internet access, a telephone line, and all utilities that make settling into life in Australia even easier. This allows study abroad students to avoid the cost and time associated with finding and furnishing accommodation. Keep exploring the website and discover the many reasons why St Mark's College is the best option for study abroad students.


"I have made friends here that will last me a lifetime, allowing me to experience Australia like a local, not a tourist"

Catherine mcnicol

Catherine McNicol
SCOTLAND 2011 - 12

St Mark's College is unlike anything I have ever experienced before. No where can you find great friends, team spirit and someone to talk to at any hour of the day. In this past year, St Mark's has become my home away from home, and the collegians my surrogate family.

Arriving in a foreign country is scary enough, so knowing that you have a bed to sleep in, food to eat and constant Internet access, even when that bank balance does get a bit low, is so reassuring. In addition, the gym and common room provide great places to unwind, all within the beautiful, and conveniently located College grounds.
The number of students at St Mark's is perfect, you quickly recognise faces, and as a newbie everyone makes the effort to get to know you and makes sure you are included. Making friends is not an issue. Mark's has the ability to bring people from all walks of life together in one environment. Everyone has their place, from playing on various teams to win the High Table Cup, to showcasing talent at Arts Evening or in the College Play. Then, to get over that Wednesday mid-week hump, catch up on news or just have a good time - Pub Night; always with a quirky theme or surprise venue.

Equity Officers take all international students under their wing and make sure we get the most out of our time in Australia. I was lucky enough, along with other internationals, to be taken back to one of the EO family's shack in the Riverlands, it was an experience unlike any other and great to share it with the friends I had made.

I feel my year abroad experience would be nothing without College. I have made friends here that will last me a lifetime, allowing me to experience Australia like a local, not a tourist. If that is not reason enough as an exchange student to come to St Mark's, then I don't know what is.

Katie bahr and two others!

Katie Bahr
USA 2004 - 07

I remember staring at the plane gateway in tears before I first came to Australia in 2004 wondering, "What could have possessed me to move so far away from everything I know?"  I left my closest friends and the home I'd made for myself at Uni in the States thinking I would never feel fully settled for the next six months.  Within my first two days of arriving at St Mark's, during which the Equity Officers drove me and the other internationals to Henley Beach and the College Club Committee took me to help work on the then-unfinished Gas Truck,  my fears of displacement proved completely unfounded. From the moment I stepped on to St Mark's campus there were scads of students eager to make me part the college life and traditions.  St Mark's provided me with so much more than room and board; it gave me a chance to plug straight into a social group (something vital for any student away from home), it afforded me opportunities to play sport in the High Table Cup, to hear lectures from local dignitaries at its Port and Talks, to let loose every Wednesday at Pub Nights, and most importantly, to make friends that last a lifetime.

I'm sure every college promises to give its students all the experiences I just mentioned which will broaden and mature them, but in my case, St Mark's really has changed my life forever.  Since the first semester I spent here, I have returned to Australia two times, in 2005 for work experience and from 2007-2008 to gain a Masters Degree, and I've lived at St Mark's on both occasions.  There's nothing more comforting when you move to the other side of the world than to know you have a community you can instantly contribute to and that will instantly contribute to you.  Both times I've returned, though the faces have been different, the strong spirit and camaraderie of St Mark's men and women have remained the same.  St Mark's has been pivotal in making me think of Australia as a home, so much so that after I finish my degree, I'm considering becoming a permanent resident (of Australia, not Mark's unfortunately!).    

Payment of Fees for Study Abroad Students

Semester fees and other fees as detailed below are paid in advance as soon as possible after a place is confirmed (following interview and a decision from the Selection Committee). The payment of these fees will ensure that a place is kept for the successful applicant. All fees are quoted in AUD$.

The weekly residence fees are inclusive of accommodation, room cleaning, meals (20 meals per week), tutorial assistance, electricity, use of the library, gymnasium and sporting facilities.

Schedule of Fees (per semester) 

Application Fee 55.00
Entrance Fee 200.00
Room holding deposit (deducted from fees) 300.00
Fees: 20 weeks @ $462.00 9,240.00
Internet and Printing Fee 85.00
Residency bond (refundable)
College Club Fee 102.50
Key card - per card