Thanks to our generous donors and benefactors, a vast array of scholarships are available to our students.


Through the generosity of the benefactors of St Mark’s College, each year scholarships amounting to approximately $250,000 are awarded to both new and continuing students.

All of these scholarships, aside from the Cowan Entry Grants, are available for application only once students are in residence. There are two scholarship application rounds per year, once in March and again September and students will be notified of these at the time. St Mark’s also recognises academic excellence and outstanding ability with a number of faculty-related scholarships and prizes awarded each year.

All three universities have a large number of scholarships available to both first year and continuing students. Please see their individual websites for further information.

Cowan Grants The Cowan Grants can be submitted at the time of completion of a St Mark’s College application, and will be assessed by the Scholarships Committee in late January. The Cowan Grants provide financial assistance to students from rural areas of Australia who would find difficulty in meeting both tuition and accommodation costs in Adelaide. A nomination form can be completed and returned to the College by end of January.
C.A.S Hawker Scholarships The C.A.S Hawker Scholarship is one of the most prestigious and generous privately funded awards in Australia. Hawker Scholars who take courses in Adelaide reside at St Mark’s College. More information can be obtained from the web site and applications for the academic year close in early January each year. For further information regarding the 2017 scholarship, click here.
Old Collegians’ Association This scholarship is open to students entering St Mark’s who have a family connection with St Mark’s. Specifically this scholarship is for new students who are either the son/daughter, or grandson/granddaughter of an Old Collegian.
St Peter’s/St Mark’s Bursary This bursary is awarded for two years by St Peter’s College in Adelaide to a Year 12 student who intends to stay at St Mark’s College whilst studying at university.
Santos Bradford College Foundation Program Indigenous Scholarship In conjunction with Bradford College and Santos, this scholarship supports indigenous students enrolled in the Foundation Studies Program with the aim of enrolling in an engineering or science related degree. See the Scholarship Notice for further detail, or complete an Application Form.
Margaret and Harry Scott Scholarship This scholarship is awarded to South Australian female entry students who were schooled not less than 100kms from the Adelaide CBD. It takes into consideration contribution to the community, academic success and extra-curricular activities.

Scholarships for Current Students

A number of scholarships, bursaries and prizes are awarded on the basis of academic results, contribution to the College and financial need. The scholarships have been generously given to the College by various benefactors over the years. Awards are made by the College Scholarship Committee and/or panels established under the conditions of the award and are available to all undergraduate members who are residents of the College.

2016 Cowan Grant recipients with Mr Bob Cowan.

Alumni Scholarship Awards The Alumni Awards were established in the 1960s and were actually begun by the College Club and the Old Collegians. The awards are based upon contribution to the College and may take into account financial circumstances.
G Angas Parsons Scholarship The G Angas Parsons Scholarship was endowed by the late Geoffrey Angas Parsons in 1982. The College has a very long and strong association with the Angas Parsons family, a family of eminent academics and professionals in the science and legal areas. The scholarship is awarded for an outstanding academic performance by a returning student.
BP Wait Prize This prize dates back to 1939 and was named after a long term residential tutor, Mr Wait, who lived at the College in the late 1920s and 1930s.  This prize is given to the best student of the year in Classics or Modern Language – which were the subjects that Mr Wait taught.
RB & PE Lewis Scholarship This scholarship is endowed by the second Master of the College, Robert Brook Lewis and his wife Betty who was also the daughter of the first Master of the College, Dr Archibald Grenfell Price. The Lewis Scholarship is awarded to the student who makes the most outstanding contribution to the College each year.
Margaret Tothill Scholarship The Margaret Tothill Scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic merit and contribution to the College.
Harold Fisher Scholarship This was the first major scholarship in the College that was established by Mr Harold Fisher in 1928. He said that his  endowment “would help some of the best brains of South Australia to be members of the College but also to extend the advantages of residential life to a succession of students who in most cases would be debarred by financial circumstances”.
Edward A Radcliffe Scholarship The Edward A Radcliffe Scholarship was established in 1953 and is awarded to the best academic performance in a previous year by a returning student.
Margaret Beith Scholarship This scholarship was endowed to St Mark’s College to be used for bursaries to assist students to remain at the College who would otherwise have difficulty in doing so. The awards are therefore to be made in the first instance on the basis of academic merit and of character and also to take into account contribution to the College and the financial position of the student and their family.
Don Laidlaw Prize This magnificent award has been endowed by the Honourable Don Laidlaw and is awarded to the most outstanding second year male and female students.
Julian Bickersteth Scholarships In 1931, The Reverend Julian Faithfull Bickersteth gave 500 books, together with two thousand pounds for establishing a scholarship. The recipient of this scholarship must be an Old Boy of the Collegiate School of St Peter.
St Mark’s Agricultural Science Scholarship This scholarship was awarded for the first time in 2008 as a result of an endowment from Mr Tim Brooks who attended St Mark’s and graduated with an Agriculature Science degree. This scholarship is awarded to an Agricultural Science student who excels academically and contributes to the College.
John M Boully Scholarship This scholarship is awarded to a rural medical student each year who has a particular interest in aboriginal or rural health.
Sir Ronald Fisher Medal The Sir Ronald Fisher Medal has been generously endowed by Emeritus Professor Peter Parsons who was at the College from 1951 to 1955.  The medal was first presented in 2008 and is given to the most outstanding student in the field of science.
Gavin Walkley Scholarship This award is for a senior student who is academically capable and committed to every aspect of College life. The scholarship may take into account financial circumstances.
Sholto Douglas Scholarship Senior medical students of outstanding quality and ability are eligible for this prize.
DL & ME Pank This prize was established in 1982 and is awarded to a student in College with a disability or with special needs.
Programmed Maintenance Services This prize is awarded to a senior engineering student whose academic performance has been outstanding.
AA Lendon Scholarship This scholarship is administered by the Tower Trust and is awarded to a second or third or fourth year medical student who has achieved outstanding grades in their examinations.
A R LeMessurier Scholarship In 1937, Mr Roy Le Messurier, who had already agreed to donate to the Newland building extension, offered to provide a bursary of Fifteen Guineas per year starting in 1938 on top of the sum of three hundred pounds to be invested at interest to accumulate in order that this might provide the means of continuing the bursary after his life.  The scholarship was to be awarded for personal character, intellectual ability, sportsmanship and leadership for a student studying a medical course in their second year.
WF Wehrstedt Bequest This prize was established in 1939 where a legacy had been left to the College by the Reverend W F Wehrstedt for the purpose of founding a prize for a scholar in the Arts and Humanities.
Patrick and Bessie Greenland Scholarship This scholarship was endowed by Mr Patrick Greenland MBE and Mrs Bessie Greenland.  They were both keen to promote music in the College and also endowed the Greenland Music Room.  In 1988 the bequest was sufficient to form the basis of a scholarship to support a student of music.
WA Collegians’ Prize The WA Collegians’ Prize was established in 1965 by Josh Reynolds marking an end of an association with the WA Medical Students after the UWA Med School was established. The fund was increased in 2001 by Geoffrey Morlet and more recently by Dr Peter Hurst.   It was decided that because of the association of the West with the sciences that this prize would be awarded for excellence in science or in science related subjects.
The Women of St Mark’s Scholarship In 2012, the College celebrated 30 years of females in residence. During this celebration, a scholarship was established to acknowledge the contribution of resident women in our community.
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