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“St Mark’s provided an environment that allowed me to flourish and build confidence in myself as an individual. As a resident of St Mark’s I was positively recognised for what made me different; not just me but all of my peers. The College fostered and encouraged an environment were I was able to identify what made me unique, and in turn develop those traits into something special. The culture of St Mark’s is one that has a place for every person in the college, be they the academic, the sportsperson, the thespian, the musician, the artist, the gamer, the prankster larrikin, the community service/social justice advocate … Most of us would not fit into any of the aforementioned pigeonholes, but would rather blur across several of them.  St Mark’s placed me in a position where I was able to connect with people from all walks of life, upbringing and career, many of whom I would never have been able to know had I not been there. I might have learned a lot about the homo sapiens species from 9 years at the University of Adelaide, but it was the sense of community at St Mark’s that taught me to understand people and relationships; and in all fairness, a good chunk of my work as a doctor actually requires me to call on the latter skills instead!”

Isaac – Dentist, Medical Practitioner (alum 2006-2010)


Our students come from all walks of life and go on to lead interesting lives and have distinguished careers.

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