Why Choose St Mark’s College?

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    Our Past

    St Mark’s College, the oldest of the university residential Colleges affiliated with universities in South Australia, opened its doors to students in 1925 and has a rich and significant history.  It became co-residential in 1982 and now provides accommodation for over two hundred and forty undergraduates, post graduates, senior members and visitors. The College is associated with the Anglican Church of Australia, but is freely open to women and men of all faiths and nationalities.

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    Our values

    Our Values are integral to the success of our community. Our values guide student behaviour and ensure that all members of our community and staff are living and working harmoniously in a safe and supportive environment.

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    College Life

    St Mark’s College provides a supportive and stimulating environment where students pursue their optimum academic achievement. While aiming at the pursuit of excellence in specific fields of study at university, the College also promotes amongst its members a love of learning, and a critical approach to issues.
    By providing an atmosphere in which students are accepted as mature and self-responsible, St Mark’s aims to make a student’s stay at College a fun, enjoyable, intellectual, and maturing experience.

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    A former Dean of St Mark’s once said that “At university you get a degree – at St Mark’s you get an education”. Certainly we take academic achievement seriously here, and St Mark’s students consistently achieve high results in their exams. But there is a lot more to life at St Mark’s than study; this is a fun and vibrant community, which encourages students to participate in a plethora of activities. There are plenty of activities in which to involve yourself in, whether it is on the stage or sports field, in the spheres of music, drama, through outreach to the community, or just by coming along to any or all of the College events.

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Our Facilities

Amongst the heritage buildings and stunning grounds, St Mark’s College offers you a range of first-class facilities to ensure that you have access to everything you need.

College news

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  • Upon walking through the front gates of St Mark's College for the first time, I remember feeling overwhelmed by the daunting experience of adjusting to a completely different lifestyle, away from the comfort and support of family and friends. Yet, in departing College through those same gates any of my initial apprehension had long dissipated. In leaving a Markswoman, I was a noticeably different person.

    Trephina Gartley, 2011 - 2013
  • St Mark's College was my home away from home. It is a place that makes you feel welcomed, accepted, and encourages those who stay here to strive for the best in all areas of our lives; academically, athletically, creatively, and socially. By living at College you learn important life lessons every day, such as knowing how to balance work, sport, and fun, or just when you should knuckle down and study rather than watch another episode of your favourite television show. One thing I have gained by being on the College Club Committee is a love for the community at St Mark's. I'm proud to call myself a Marksman. Every moment I have spent here at St Mark's, I will never forget. I've created lifelong memories, and friends.

    Ben Whittaker, 2011 - 2014
  • Ever since making the decision to live at St Mark's College I have never looked back. The experience has provided me with a home where I feel confident, happy and loved. I honestly couldn't think of a better way to go through university. It allowed me to immerse myself in my studies whilst grow lifelong friendships with people from all around Australia and the world, as well as participate in sport and maintain a part time job. I learnt how to balance so many aspects of life and I truly do put it down to the values encouraged at Mark's and the supportive people that surround me.

    Julia Graham, 2011 - 2012



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